My recently discovered need to run trails

I recently discovered that I love trail running. I love being out in nature, in an environment where it is just me, a little river dabbling along, my heavy breathing breaking through my music when I’m running uphill.

Since I’ve ran my first half marathon, I’ve ran a few 15km easy trailruns. I went up Signall Hill a couple of times, which is incredibly tough (you go from 0 to 143m above sea level in about 2kms of running). It definitely made me stronger already and running on flat sections feels extremely easy now.

Newfoundland is great for trail running too. For those of you who don’t know Newfoundland and don’t want to go through a million pictures of dogs before actually seeing Newfoundland on Google, I took some pictures during some runs I did in the past two weeks.


PS: the first three pictures are from earlier but show how awesome trail running in winter can be!


Best kind! – Great!


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