Hey there!

My name is Daan but over time I’ve gotten used to responding to Dan, Don, Dawn and some people even call me “double A Dan”. I’m fine with all of them, I guess. This blog was initially started to keep my family and friends up to date while I was an exchange student at Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2011. It was a pretty awesome experience, coming from Belgium and being dropped in a pretty unique (and awesome) culture; Newfoundland! I started blogging again about 2 years later, just because I felt like blogging again.

The main topic of this blog will undoubtedly be triathlon and all kinds of related things. I used to be a competitive cyclist in Belgium (I even won the provincial track championships at one point) before giving triathlon a shot. I had quit racing my Pinarello bike in 2008, went to the gym for a couple of years after and in 2010 I saw a triathlon on tv. I don’t even remember which one. I thought it was awesome, I’ve always liked challenges and extreme endurance sports. There were only two problems: I ran like a cyclist (pretty bad) and I swam like a gorilla. So I started going to the pool twice a week and very slowly learned how to swim freestyle. At the same time my running was slowly getting better and three years later, I had done a fair bit of races (never more than olympic distance). By now I’m an absolute triathlon addict and I can’t imagine I’ll ever (voluntarily) stop swimming, biking, or running.

You’ll probably see a post about school here and there as well. I’m currently pursuing my MBA at Memorial and it’s been quite an interesting ride so far  In January 2014, I’m part of Memorial’s team going to the John Molson MBA Case competition, which I’m extremely excited about.

If there’s anything else you’d want to know, my favorite brand of frozen pizza for example, you can just tweet me, or use the contact form below. But I prefer twitter. Klout score, you know.

Also, if you encounter some gibberish at the end of every post; that is a phrase from the local dialect “Newfie”. I’ll try to translate it as well, if possible.

This is the first (Dutch) version of the about-section on my blog, back in the exchange student days:

Ik schrijf over de normale en minder normale dingen die ik tegenkom tijdens mijn verblijf in St. John’s (Newfoundland, Canada). Ik overdrijf graag en ik kan racistisch overkomen maar ik hou wel degelijk van al mijn broeders op aarde. Buiten Chinezen. Dat gaat er over. Ik drijf graag de spot met alles en iedereen, waaronder ook mezelf.
Meer about-stuff is niet van tel. Voor zang- en dansoptredens, dj-sets, circusacts, signeersessies en reclamedeals kan u mij hier contacteren.

Voor mijn Engelse fans:
Use google translate

Voor mijn Chinese fans:


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